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4 Ways Kitting Can Save You Time and Money


What do companies like Ikea and Lego have in common? They use kitting to better serve their customers. By packaging up the individual parts of a product into one single, easy to handle package that is later assembled by the customer, they can reduce their overhead and provide a better customer experience. But even if you don’t sell miniature blocks or furniture, you can still utilize kitting to save your business valuable money and time in the long run. Here are four ways kitting can improve your bottom line:

Assembly is faster

When you package your products into kits instead of assembling them on-site, you can save time and money on labor. Even if your products don’t need to be assembled, you can package similar items together and market them as a set to your customers. For example, packaging items that “go together” like laundry detergent and fabric softener or ketchup and mustard and offering a discount for the package deal is one way to make your customer experience more effortless.

Shipping is easier and cost-effective

Shipping costs can be expensive, but they can be more expensive when you are shipping bulky, large products. By utilizing kitting instead of a pre-assembled product, you can save space on your transportation and avoid shipping heavy, bulky packages. Kitting ensures that your products are uniform, enabling you to better estimate the shipping costs.

Increased productivity

With kitting, your labor only needs to assemble the kit, not the entire product. This can save you money and time on hiring extra staff, and allows your employees to work on other tasks like customer service. Instead of wasting time assembling products and transporting bulky packages, their attention can be focused on other, more pertinent aspects of your small business.

Reduced overhead inventory costs

All small business owners are looking for ways to become more efficient and save money. Kitting is a great way to cut your small business costs! Save money on warehouse overhead by storing smaller, space-efficient kits instead of large pre-assembled products. You’ll have more space for adding new products or other business needs.

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