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4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Fulfillment Company

Is your small business growing faster than you can keep up? If you and your staff are struggling to handle the volume of orders you receive, it may be time to get help from a professional fulfillment company. These are four signs your small business needs an expert fulfillment partner.

Your staff is overwhelmed by incoming orders

For businesses operating with a small staff, keeping up with a sudden increase in orders can be overwhelming. Avoid falling behind by partnering with a fulfillment company that can manage incoming orders from packing to shipping. By outsourcing fulfillment, your business can take advantage of a large and experienced workforce that can handle projects of all sizes.

You need more space to store inventory

When you’re running out of room in your office to store inventory, a fulfillment service can help. When you partner with a fulfillment service, you can ship inventory to the company’s warehouse to be stored. This method works to streamline operations and eliminates the need to rent warehouse space.

 Your customers complain about turnaround

It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer forever. If your customers are frustrated by slow turnaround on orders or receive inaccurate shipments, choosing the right fulfillment company can help. Look for a third-party fulfillment company that offers flexible services and a fast turnaround to ensure your customers have the best experience possible from the time they place their order to the moment their delivery arrives.

You want to save money on shipping rates

Many third-party fulfillment companies have established relationships with shipping companies to provide businesses with the most dependable and cost-effective shipping solutions possible.

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has the resources and expertise to help your small business grow. Unlike some fulfillment companies, our workforce is powered by human intelligence and not robotics, allowing us to provide flexible service with fast turnaround on projects. Contact us today to learn more and take a free tour of our facilities.