4 Lessons in Small Business Leadership

As a small business leader, you are constantly managing a million things at once. But when was the last time you took a step back and examined how well you are leading your company? Like any other type of skill, leadership can be taught, but to learn to improve your leadership skills, you must be willing to examine them and seek out help.  Here are four lessons to start with!

  1. Be energetic. Energy is contagious. Remember that you are at the top of the chain when it comes to establishing your company’s culture. Employees will look to you to bring energy and passion to the table. Vendors and investors are also inspired by an energetic leader.
  2. Be accessible. Nothing slows down the pace of work at a business like an inaccessible boss. While you can provide your employees with the ability to handle most issues on their own, there will always be high-level decisions that can’t be made without your approval. More importantly, being accessible means that employees will feel more comfortable coming to you if there are issues or concerns that they have. This could help you identify problems and resolve them before they become catastrophic.
  3. Be flexible. Flexibility is important in any great leader. You must be able to shift your business model or product as the environment around you changes. Are you prepared for sudden surges in orders? Outsourcing with a company like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can help you manage your workload during busy times, and quickly scale back when there’s a reduction in business. Request a free tour of our facilities.
  4. Be motivating. You may come to work fired up to do a great job because this is your business, but how well are you at motivating your employees? Get to know your employees, be a good listener, and work hard to remove any road blocks that make it difficult for them to do their jobs. When they see that you have their back, they will respond in kind. Happy, satisfied employees who feel that they are valued produce the best work!