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4 Key Components of a Successful Business Strategy

The ongoing success of your company depends on developing a carefully crafted business plan. However, when it comes to creating a strategy and planning for the future of your company, it’s not always easy to know where to start. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all strategic plan that can guarantee long-term success, there are certain elements that every business strategy should include. As you begin researching and writing your long-term strategic plan, remember to include these key components of a successful business strategy.

Company mission, vision, and values

As you begin planning your business strategy, take the company’s established mission, vision, and values into consideration. After all, these elements represent your company’s foundation. Be sure your strategy aligns with these principles before moving forward.


Your business strategy doesn’t need to be complicated to be successful. Be sure the strategy is clear, succinct and easy to follow. The Small Business Administration has a wealth of resources to help business owners form a business strategy and set their organizations up for success.

Involve employees

When planning for the future success of your business, it’s important to take internal views into account to guide your strategy. For example, you can survey your employees to better understand their view of the company and involve them in the strategy process. The idea is that employees who are actively involved in creating their company’s strategy will be more likely to understand and how to use it in their jobs.


Most importantly, a business strategy needs to be flexible. The world of business is constantly changing, and firms that don’t adjust their strategy will inevitably fall behind. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your strategy or set new goals as you adapt for long-term growth.

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