Workers processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Fulfillment Partner

When it comes to selecting a fulfillment partner for your business, not just any company will do. Before you start your research, consider these three attributes of top fulfillment partners:


First, it’s important to look for a fulfillment partner that offers a high level of flexibility. In the business world, your fulfillment strategy may need to change direction at a moment’s notice. Some third-party fulfillment partners use robotics to complete projects, which limits the flexibility of their services. Look for a fulfillment partner that utilizes the power of a human workforce on all projects to provide flexible services.

Additional services

To make the most of your partnership, find a fulfillment partner that offers a variety of business-to-business services in addition to order fulfillment. For example, some fulfillment companies also offer services like inventory management and warehouse storage. Taking advantage of additional services can save you time and streamline the entire fulfillment process.


Finally, look for a fulfillment partner that has an excellent reputation. When researching potential partners, read plenty of client testimonials to learn more about the company and their work with other businesses.

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