3 Small Business Trends for 2016

small business trendsWhat are the small business trends affecting entrepreneurs in 2016 and beyond? Here are some small business trends identified by experts that continue to affect the way companies do business:

  1. Increased hiring and labor costs. The battle for skilled labor will continue to rise in the coming months. Steeper recruiting costs and the expectation of higher wages may result in more outsourcing of labor to lower costs associated with hiring and training staff. Many small business owners will also attempt to reduce staff or get by on their own by working longer hours. The trend for increased numbers of contract and temporary workers is also expected to continue as a result of this.
  2. Mobile ecommerce. While ordering goods online certainly isn’t new, the preferred device for online shopping has changed dramatically in the last few years. Today, more consumers are purchasing items on their mobile phones and tablets than ever before. This consumer preference is changing the way that businesses build their ecommerce platforms. It’s become vital to design ecommerce sites to be mobile friendly. Companies have also seen great success in creating free ecommerce apps that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet. Not only do these provide a more seamless shopping experience for consumers, but they also allow for the use of push notifications to keep your brand (and any consumer-centric deals) in front of the customer.
  3. On-demand and same-day delivery. Consumers continue to demand fast turnaround on the items they order. This is why companies like Amazon are patenting drone-delivery technology. Small business owners should be keeping an eye on faster shipping and fulfillment technologies and services, as we are sure to see huge innovations in this space. While most business owners will outsource their payroll and marketing duties, there remain untapped opportunities to offset shipping and delivery costs, including hiring and training costs. This can be done by outsourcing product assembly and distribution.

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