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3 Reasons to Use a Packaging Service This Season

As the busy holiday season draws nearer, small business owners can feel overwhelmed by a rush of incoming orders. If your business could use extra help with packaging and shipping throughout the holidays, a professional packaging service may be the solution. Here are three great reasons to use a packaging service this season:

Get creative with seasonal packaging

The holidays are a special time for brands to express their creativity through packaging design. Seasonal packaging designs may help your product stand out on the shelf and attract new customers. By hiring a professional packaging service, your business can implement a custom holiday or seasonal design on time and within your budget.

Save on holiday shipping costs

During the holidays, thousands of packages are shipped around the world. If you anticipate filling extra orders around the holiday season, hiring a packaging service can help your business avoid unnecessary shipping costs and ensure your orders are delivered on time. Professional packaging services can also help you find the right packaging materials to protect your products, which can eliminate extra weight and ultimately reduce shipping fees.

Maintain a small staff

Many business owners may be tempted to hire temporary workers during the holiday season to keep up with incoming orders. However, outsourcing your packaging needs to a third party provider can be a more efficient and economical way to access a large, experienced workforce. When you partner with a packaging company, you gain all the benefits of an experienced staff without the hassle of hiring and training new workers.