3 Packaging Solutions that Used to be Science Fiction

advanced packaging solutionsWhen you imagine the future, what does it look like? If you’re running a small business, you’re probably most interested in a future that helps make your business easier to run and more profitable. Investing in the right packaging solutions today can help you create that future.

Advances in packaging types and design are happening all the time, so be sure to partner with a packaging service that can keep up. Here are three packaging solutions in use today that used to be science fiction:

1) Edible packaging. Who would have thought there’d ever be a type of packaging you could eat? Many modern foam peanuts are now made from cornstarch or grain sorghum and can be eaten without harm. Though it’s not terribly tasty or nutritious, edible, biodegradable packaging is already solving a lot of environmental concerns.

2) Spray foam. Nothing says “here comes the future!” like spray foam, with its seemingly magical ability to fill a far larger area than one expects. In addition to serving as packaging material for sensitive items, spray foam is also now used to insulate buildings, as it’s great for sealing up the nooks and crannies where air and moisture can sneak in.

3) Thermal packaging. It wasn’t so long ago that getting a steak, artisanal cheese, or cold ice cream through the mail was totally a thing of science fiction. The best one could do is order frozen goods from a specialty food delivery service that sent a refrigerated truck your way. Today thermal packaging is used to deliver everything from temperature-sensitive drugs to holiday feasts.

When you’re choosing modern packaging solutions for fulfilling your business’s needs, be sure to partner with a business like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, which has over a century of business experience that it can put to work for you. We’re always looking ahead to what packaging solutions are on the horizon, and what’s best for your project. Come visit our facilities and enjoy a free tour.