Hand write a chart of Hire and Outsource on chalkboard

3 Outsourcing Myths to Stop Believing

For decades, companies have used outsourcing as a way to lower overhead costs and expand their reach. But smaller firms are still hesitant to start outsourcing their business processes due to misconceptions or negative perceptions about outsourcing. The truth is, outsourcing has many benefits for small businesses. Here’s a look at three myths about outsourcing to stop believing.


Outsourcing services are expensive

Outsourcing doesn’t need to be expensive. Most outsourcing companies will work with you to create a solution that works within your budget. In fact, you may even find that outsourcing certain projects to a third party company reduces your company’s spending on warehouse rentals, hiring, training, and equipment costs. Outsourcing may ultimately save your business time and money.


Outsourcing harms the local workforce

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing is harmful to the American workforce. While firms do outsource labor overseas to save money, you may be surprised to learn that some outsourcing companies hire local employees to complete projects in assembly, kitting, and packaging. In this way, outsourcing can actually help your local community, not harm it.


All outsourcing companies are alike

Not all outsourcing companies are the same. At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we are a non-profit partner that supports individuals with disabilities and veterans in the community. With over 100 years of experience providing outsourcing services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana, our labor pool has the skill and expertise to handle your business’s projects of any size. When you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill, you have the unique opportunity to help your business and your community at the same time!


When it comes to finding quality assembly, kitting, or packaging labor for your business, don’t settle for the myths. At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we’re committed to providing exceptional service that fits within your budget. Give us a call today to arrange a free tour of our facilities and learn more about our services.