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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, many people make personal resolutions to improve their lives through healthy changes. But as a small business owner, you can also make resolutions that prompt positive changes in your business.


Now is the perfect time to reflect on your small business’s progress and identify areas you’d like to improve. If you want to start growing your small business, here are three resolutions that can help you get a head start in the New Year.


Expand your reach

Starting a small business is no small task. Now that your business is off the ground, it’s time to expand your reach and attract new customers or clients. Increase your reach by implementing a social media schedule or beefing up your website’s presence. Putting a little extra effort into your business’s marketing strategy can help you connect with your customers and grow your business.


Take more breaks

Small business owners are notoriously busy people. Avoid the risk of burnout by scheduling purposeful breaks throughout your day to recharge. You may even find that taking small breaks increases your overall productivity.


Focus on your core competencies

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for juggling a variety of tasks for your company. This year, resolve to focus on your core competencies as a leader. Many business owners find that outsourcing key tasks such as fulfillment, assembly, or kitting enables them to save time each day to focus on growing their business and remain competitive.


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