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3 Myths Small Business Owners Should Stop Believing

All entrepreneurs know that launching and running a business is no small task. It takes ingenuity, courage, and confidence to follow your passion and start a business. However, some small business owners fail to grow their companies because they adhere to beliefs that aren’t necessarily true. Here are three common myths that small business owners should stop believing to reach their greatest potential and grow their business.


Entrepreneurs have to work long hours

One commonly held belief is that all entrepreneurs must work long hours in order to succeed. While many people become entrepreneurs in order to work flexible hours and define their own schedule, it’s easy to let the responsibilities of running a business take over a major portion of your day. To prevent burnout, create a clear work-life balance that works for you. Remember, entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it is meant to be enjoyable!


Your business is too small to benefit from marketing

Think your business is too small to design an effective marketing campaign? Think again! Businesses of any size can benefit from creating thoughtful blog content, posting on social media, or designing e-newsletters. Many entrepreneurs find that implementing even seemingly small marketing efforts can lead to positive results and position their business for growth.


Only big businesses outsource

Contrary to popular belief, big businesses aren’t the only firms that can benefit from outsourcing labor. Whether you need help with assembly, kitting, packaging, or fulfillment, an outsourcing service can provide solutions for businesses of any size. Outsourcing gives your business access to a large, talented labor pool as well as the materials and equipment necessary to complete business projects. Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has been providing professional labor in Greater Cincinnati for more than 100 years, helping businesses just like yours achieve more without spending excess resources on hiring and training a large staff. Contact us today to see how our outsourcing service can benefit your business.