Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

3 Industries That Use Kitting to Save

Kitting, the process of organizing similar products or items commonly sold together into ready-to-ship packages, is an innovative way companies differentiate their products and increase sales. Kitting not only saves manufacturers time and money, but it also makes shopping more convenient for customers. Here’s a closer look at a few industries that use kitting to stay competitive.


Kitting is commonly used to sell entertainment-related products such as CDs, DVDs, books, and even video games. For example, stores may compile several similar DVDs and offer the bundle at a special, lower price. Pairing like items together can increase sales and improve inventory management.


Furniture stores such as Ikea have been using kitting for years to increase their warehouse space and reduce time and money spent on assembly labor. Instead of selling bulky, fully assembled furniture items, each product’s components are stored in lightweight, easy-to-handle boxes that are completely assembled by the customer at home. This system creates convenience for both the customer and the retailer.

Skincare and beauty

The skincare and beauty industry has implemented a kitting strategy for years to increase product sales and offer discounts to consumers. For example, items commonly purchased at the same time (such as bottles of shampoo and conditioner) are often packaged together and sold at one low price. Companies such as Birchbox compile skincare, hair, and makeup product samples into convenient kits, which are sent to customers on a monthly subscription basis. Selling samples at one low monthly price increases the brands’ exposure and may lead to future sales of the full-size products.

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