Wide view of warehouse with kitting services

3 Great Benefits of Kitting Services

When it comes to order fulfillment, business owners expect expediency, precision, and quality. One of the top ways business owners can improve efficiency and cut costs is through kitting. Kitting is the process in which individual items are grouped, packaged, and assembled as one unit. But what are the benefits of kitting, and how can you start utilizing this service for your business? We’ve outlined the top three reasons why businesses use kitting services for order fulfillment.

1. Fewer shipping mistakes

Kitting can be useful when you are fulfilling multiple identical orders, or running a promotional deal of certain products. When these items are shipped in a pre-assembled kit form, it can reduce the chances for error in order fulfillment. Avoiding fulfillment mistakes is crucial to customer satisfaction, saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Faster Assembly

Today’s customers desire their orders to arrive quickly and accurately. By adding kitting services to your supply chain strategy, you can expect faster assembly of your products, which in turn leads to faster order fulfillment for your customers. By kitting items together in bulk as opposed to assembling each individual order, you can create a more efficient assembly process for your business.

3. Improved packaging

Creating custom packaging for kits can help you save money on postage costs. Instead of assembling your products in a standard-sized box, a custom-made box for popular items can help reduce the size or weight of your packages.

Are you ready to start cutting costs with kits? Consider outsourcing your kitting services to a trusted third-party like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. We have over 100 years of experience in kitting, assembly, and fulfillment and our motivated workforce is standing ready to kit and ship your items. Contact us to learn more and see our facilities with a free tour.