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3 Companies Share Why They Partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

How can Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries’ outsourcing service help your business save money and achieve greater results in packaging, kitting, assembly, fulfillment, and janitorial services? Our unique approach to outsourcing labor allows Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services to serve small businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. But don’t just take our word for it –hear what some of our satisfied partners have said about outsourcing services from Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.

Meridian Bioscience

Founded in 1976, Meridian Bioscience, Inc. manufactures and distributes inexpensive and easy to use diagnostic kits and other biopharmaceutical technologies. These products provide patients with early diagnosis that can lead to the right treatment for common medical conditions.

Ginger Powell is the Supply Chain Planner for Meridian Bioscience, and is responsible for the planning and purchasing of materials used in the production of the company’s diagnostic kits. Many of the diagnostic kits require light assembly or kitting work before they are sent off to customers, and much of this work is outsourced. When the company that Powell had chosen to outsource with became overwhelmed, she started searching for an additional partner.

After a call from Goodwill Industrial Services, Powell decided to reach out and learn more about their assembly and kitting services. “We felt comfortable they would do a good job,” says Powell. “We went to their facility and they showed us some of the other jobs that they were working on, and explained their process and their quality checks. It seemed like it would be a good fit.”

The process with Goodwill Industrial services has been seamless, Powell says. Products are delivered directly to the Goodwill facility for assembly. After assembly, the Goodwill team delivers the completed kits to the Meridian Bioscience warehouse where they are checked by the company’s quality assurance team. Once released, the products are stored in the warehouse until production requisitions them.

The quality of Goodwill’s work, Powell says, is very high. “They also work in a timely fashion,” she says. “They’re not late on the deliveries. It’s also just a friendly environment. They are all very willing to help in any way that they can.”


Dixon-Bayco is a leading innovator in the hose coupling industry. They manufacture the couplings that are affixed to numerous hoses such as those on air hoses, sand blasters, and pumps, as well as hose clamps and valves.

The Cincinnati location prepared coupling kits and coupling assembly for its products in-house before they shipped out to customers. But about five years ago, the company found a need for a faster and more cost-effective solution to kit production.

Pauline Thornton, the Purchaser/Planner for the location, identified Goodwill Industrial Services as a possible partner. Thornton cited quality as her top consideration in evaluating what Goodwill had to offer. “The quality of their work is just exceptional,” she said.

Supporting Goodwill’s mission to employ veterans and people with disabilities in the region was also very important to her. “We want to give back to our community, too,” Thornton said, “and this was a wonderful way we thought that we could do that. And they’re always so sweet and appreciative of the work. It just really gladdens your heart to see that there are people out here who need this kind of work and are happy to have it.”

At the end of the day, Thornton said, “You’re going to get a quality product, you’re going to get it turned around in a timely manner. The price is very competitive. And you’re going to give back to your community. A business really benefits in working with Goodwill.”

Emerald Performance Materials

Emerald Performance Materials is a specialty dye manufacturer that has been operating in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area and surrounding regions since the 1920’s. Their dyes can be found in a wide array of products, from processed foods to industrial applications.

Terry Hyde is a Plant Manager for Emerald Performance Materials, and was looking for an outsourcing partner for help creating collation for products used as samples. This involved putting together and taping boxes and making deliveries of these boxes to the plant.

A longtime resident of the greater Cincinnati area, Hyde had had the opportunity to work with Goodwill Industrial Services in the past. “I think it’s an incredibly special and great organization,” Hyde said. That’s why she made the decision to partner with Goodwill again.

Hyde also wanted to utilize Goodwill Industries’ motivated workforce again. This was because she fully supports Goodwill’s mission to employ veterans and persons with disabilities in the community.

Hyde would recommend Goodwill Industries’ services to other business. “I look at it as a small way of being able to give back to the community. Every time we’ve had any type of issue and we’ve contacted the center, everything has been resolved immediately. It’s very seamless for us,” she said.

As an established business in the greater Cincinnati area, Hyde understands the importance of partnering with other businesses that support the region. “I would highly recommend a relationship with Goodwill to any business, because it’s a nice way to support (the community),” Hyde said, “and to get work done reasonably and with quality in mind, regardless of what that task is.”

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