Your 2016 Holiday Outsourcing Guide

advanced packaging solutionsIf your daily tasks are not leading to growth, why waste your time?  During the holidays, time is at a premium.  Outsourcing during the demanding end-of-year season can help small businesses run leaner, relieve stress and reduce costly errors.  Are you curious what other small businesses are outsourcing?  We were, too.

Small businesses tend to outsource areas such as scheduling and administrative tasks, which eat up even larger swaths of time during the holidays.  If your greeting card list is beyond a few hundred names or your company sends a small gift to customers and contacts, it’s time to push that work out to the professionals.  Even your best and brightest employee can succumb to the chaos of a massive greeting card mailing.  Using a fulfillment service such as your local Goodwill fulfillment center provides experience, quality controls, and efficiency.  Simply call Goodwill and ask for a tour of their facility to learn how they can execute your holiday campaign without the fuss.

In addition, small businesses can benefit from outsourcing areas that need to be scaled up quickly.  Holiday deals and offers can drive a sudden uptick in sales.  The worst-case scenario for your business is causing Santa to get behind on his deliveries, all of which are eagerly expected by December 25th.  If you can’t stay on top of processing the orders, consider outsourcing to a service that can mail your product on time with a personal touch.  You’ll need to research your fulfillment center now.  Don’t forget–they’ll be inundated with business, too.  Santa is counting on you!


Other areas to target are those where you have less expertise.  It is common for small businesses to struggle in the marketing arena.  If you have trouble creating online content and social media call to actions, yet want the holiday season to be a super success, consider hiring a digital marketing company.  They can constantly update sales and offers online while keeping your content fresh and accurate.  Take it one step further and have them design and coordinate your holiday presence online.  It will likely be worth more than you spend.

Finally, if you expect higher sales during the holidays you need to immediately outsource your e-commerce technology.  With so many moving parts involved such as shopping carts, credit-card processing, and security, managing it in-house is just a business disaster waiting to happen.  Give yourself an early holiday gift and outsource that puppy to a safe and secure service that offers every function under one roof.

Nothing can zap the joy and wonder out of the holidays like business stress and time-consuming blunders.  Outsourcing can relieve so much that.  Get started now.  What are you waiting for?  Christmas?