10 Money-Saving Questions to Ask Your Prospective Assembly Service

assembly servicesHiring an assembly service can have a significant impact on your bottom line – if you choose the right one.  Asking these questions can help guide your decision:

1. Does the company offer inspection after assembly?

You’ll want your assembly service to have a low error rate.  A contractor with an inspection component in their assembly process can reduce errors and ensure quality. Returns and do overs eat up profits. Hire a service that has a record of getting it done right the first time.

2. Does your assembly service offer pick-up and delivery following assembly?

Logistics are a pain. An assembly service offering pick-up and delivery services will save you time and money.

3. Do they have experience in your industry?

A highly reputable assembly service may be efficient at electronics assemblage, and not have a clue about arranging marketing collateral. Assembly services with expertise in specific areas can save you money with more efficient processes and trained labor.

4. Do they understand how important your product is to you?

It’s your baby and your business partners should treat it that way too.  Your assembly service should assemble your product with the utmost care and respect.  Shabby assembly can translate into poor customer satisfaction, which will cost you money.

5. Is your assembly service a partner in your business or just a non-interested contractor?

Along the same lines as above, your assembly service can be a valuable source of feedback.  Serving as a good business partner, they can offer assembly process improvement suggestions that can save time and money.

6. What kind of warehousing do they have?

You’ll pay for rent, inventory control, utilities, and other usage fees for warehousing.  Those costs are worth it if you are trying to manage warehousing space and inventory control at your own site.  An assembly service’s warehousing space is likely cheaper because you are sharing the costs with their other clients.

7. Do they offer a free consultation?

A free tour and consultation with your assembly service should demonstrate to you how much time and money you can save. At Goodwill we welcome the opportunity to consult with you and take you on a tour of our facility. Give us a call to schedule a time and allow us to help you save on your bottom line.

8. Do you want product enhancement suggestions?

In addition to process improvements, a good assembly service can offer valuable product improvement suggestions that can lead to refinements to the next iterations of your product. It’s like having your own think tank on staff.

9. Do they handle post-assembly support?

Some assembly services operate a post-sales call line for your customers’ questions. This can be a huge cost cutter for you. Customer feedback provides another set of data that enables you to manufacture better, more customer-focused versions of your product in the future.

10. Will they order from suppliers for you?

An assembly service that manages supplier orders and has them shipped to their facility for you will save you significant time and hassle. Dealing with calls and callbacks, price negotiations and quality management can be streamlined by your assembly service.