Partnership & Business Development

Goodwill Industrial Services: Partnership & Business DevelopmentOhio Valley Goodwill Industries is a large company with the ability, resources, desire and knowledge to partner with companies on long-term projects.

If your business has ever considered outsourcing, Goodwill may be an option for you. We can provide competitive pricing to make your bottom line more cost effective.

Goodwill’s executive management team and supportive personnel can offer extensive expertise in a variety of industries and technologies.

Goodwill Industries has partnered with multiple companies and in various industries. We have ongoing relationships with companies in the automotive, grocery, plastics, advertising, banking, printing, mold injection and manufacturing sectors.

By partnering with Goodwill, we can help your business in the following ways:

  • We can help your business to reduce inventories and shorten lead times
  • We can improve asset utilization and cash flow
  • We can provide warehouse space for your inventory
  • We can provide a flexible, trained workforce for the market variability that can affect your business
  • We have a large and diverse skilled workforce of people with disabilities
  • We are a nonprofit organization

Goodwill can be your point of manufacturing, assembling and distribution locations for the needs of your business.

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If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss any opportunities, 
please email Todd Schreiber or Kim Leppert, 
or call (513) 771-4800.