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Making your business Better through Outsourcing

Looking to Outsource in Cincinnati? Goodwill Does That!

Ohio Valley Goodwill has nearly 100 years of experience providing a high quality labor force to meet the packaging, kitting, assembly, janitorial and facilities management needs of businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill for industrial services allows your business to make an impact on the community and gives you access to a massive and motivated labor pool at an economical price point. Our workers are flexible, well trained and able to take on the challenges of the 21st Century. Contact our business development team today to find out how Ohio Valley Goodwill does that!

The Premier Source for Kitting, Assembly, Packaging and Fulfillment Services in Cincinnati

Benefits of outsourcing in Cincinnati with Ohio Valley Goodwill:

  • A flexible workforce driven by human intelligence
  • A massive labor pool able to work at any scale
  • A versatile operation which responds to changing needs
  • An economical outsourcing option without for-profit middlemen
  • A social mission that impacts Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana
  • A non-profit partner with decades of experience
  • Proven results providing contract labor for top brands

To learn more about what outsourcing packaging, kitting, assembly, janitorial services, facilities management and more through Ohio Valley Goodwill what it has done for businesses in Cincinnati, Northern kentucky and Southeast Indiana, click here. Or, contact one of our representatives.


Assembly Service in Cincinnati

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Our Cincinnati assembly service is flexible and focused. We offer low lead times and setup costs, and we transfer those benefits to your bottom line.

Kitting Service in Cincinnati

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Ohio Valley Goodwill offers the premier kitting service in Cincinnati. Our workforce delivers high quality results at any scale.

Fulfillment Service in Cincinnati

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Ohio Valley Goodwill provides a top-of-the-line fulfillment service in Cincinnati. We'll get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Packaging Service in Cincinnati

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Ohio Valley Goodwill is a one stop shop. Our industrial services team offers packaging services to extend the value of our kitting and assembly services.

Industrial Services

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Whether you want a work crew to come to your facility or you want to send secondary operations to us, we have the labor force available for contracting with you.

Janitorial Services

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We’ve been cleaning over 1,255,000 square feet daily for over 18 years. We offer trained janitorial teams and individual workers that clean to your specifications.